Our worship and music rehearsals are facilitated by three particular keyboard instruments.

In our music suite, you will find a Howard baby­-grand piano.

Our contemporary ensemble and traditional worship enjoy the sounds of a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano.

Our local King of Instruments is a two­-manual M.P. Moller organ, built in 1989:

8’ ­Principal
8’ ­Gedeckt
4’ Octave
2’ ­Blockflute
III­-IV Mixture
II Sesquialtera

Gt to Gt 4’
Sw to Gt 16’
Sw to Gt 8’
Sw to Gt 4’
MIDI to Gt

SWELL (enclosed)
8’ ­Rohrflute
8’ Gemshorn
8’ Celeste
4’ ­Flute
2’ ­Principal
1 1/3’ Larigot
8’ ­Trumpet

Sw to Sw 16’
Sw Unison Off
Sw to Sw 4’
MIDI to Sw

32’ Resultant (from 16’ Bourdon)
16’ ­Bourdon
8’ ­Octave
8’ ­Flute (from 16’ Bourdon)
4’ ­Choral Bass (from 8’ Octave)
32’ ­Contra Fagott (12 notes electronic)
16’ ­Fagott

Gt to Ped 8’
Sw to Ped 8’
Sw to Ped 4’
MIDI to Ped I
MIDI to Ped II

10 General Pistons with duplicate toe studs
6 Divisional Pistons per Division
Swell Pedal
Crescendo Pedal
32’ Resultant Reversible toe stud
Gt to Ped 8’ Reversible toe stud
Sfzordando Reversible toe stud
Allen MIDI Expander II (on/off controlled by stop)
Allen MIDI Ensemble (on/off controlled by stop)
MIDI units programmable to General Pistons 1­ to 7