In the fall of each year, church members are asked to pledge an estimate of their financial support of the church’s ministries for the coming year. This process of pledging:

  • Serves as a spiritual discipline to help us put first things first.
  • Helps individuals/families track their giving on a percentage basis, thus working towards our biblical call to tithe (give 10% of our income).
  • Helps the congregation’s budgeting process, so that we can best steward the gifts placed in our care.

For privacy purposes, pledge cards may be submitted eletronically or emailed directly to our Finance and Operations Manager. Of course, if your financial circumstances change during the year, you are welcome to adjust your giving patterns as well.

    2021 COL Pledge Card

    Giving joyfully, thankfully, and freely is one of the most blessed things we do. Responding to God's gracious love and abundant gifts, I/we plan to grow in my/our giving this year.

    This form will only be sent to Finance and Operations Manager Hendrik Heuer.

    Please do not hit enter when filling out the form. That will submit your form before you're done filling it out. There is a button at the bottom of the form to use when you have completed the form.
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    Will you be giving to the 2021 Operating Fund or another way?*
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    Would you like information about including COL in your will/estate?*

    I would like to volunteer at Cross of Life and I am particularly interested in the following:

    We understand these are uncertain times. Your commitment may be revised any time.

    Please contact Finance and Operations Manager Hendrik Heuer with questions.