Due to our membership in the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Cross of Life accomplishes far more than any single congregation could accomplish. We are able to support new and redeveloping congregations, coordinate and support social ministry organizations (such as Lutheran Services of Georgia), bring forth and train leaders (both clergy and lay), participate in ministries with global and ecumenical mission partners, and support Lutheran colleges, seminaries, camps and retreat centers across the US.

Specifically, Cross of Life tithes (gives 10% of donations to the operating fund) to the Southeastern Synod, who in turn gives 50% to the ELCA. Cross of Life not only receives the blessing of accomplishing so much ministry through the ELCA, we have also been direct recipients of grants and partner funding in the past.

Our Synod partners with congregations to prepare candidates to become rostered leaders (pastors, deacons. . .), work with congregations that are seeking a pastor, provide care for pastors and congregations, sponsor targeted events like the AFFIRM Youth Event and offer support and networking to congregations and their leaders.

Our Bishop in the Southeastern Synod is The Rev. Julian Gordy, and he is assisted by a highly qualified staff of pastors and lay people. Synod Assembly is held each June, at which time voting members from Cross of Life gather with others from our 4-state synod for worship, reports from various agencies, and policy decisions for our synod.

For more information, check out the websites for the Southeastern Synod and the ELCA.