Cross of Life Mission Trip to El Salvador
The Sus Hijos (His Children) Mission
San Salvador, El Salvador
June 9-16, 2018

Join hands.  Touch hearts.  Change lives.  That’s our mission here at Cross of Life (COL) and we seek to accomplish it in a number of ways.  One of those ways was through the Mission Trip that eight of us took in June to spend a week in El Salvador visiting and working with Sus Hijos (His Children), one of the global ministries we support here at Cross of Life. 

Anytime we engage in some type of missions as a church, we do so in hopes that God will use that effort to benefit others.  When we go on a mission trip, we do so in hopes that God will use it to benefit us – by growing in our faith, by growing closer to God through the experience, by gaining a greater awareness of how God is at work in the world, and by providing inspiration for how we might share God’s grace through our lives here at home. 

That we were able to experience all that came about through the grace and generosity of the COL family – through your financial support, through the many, many prayers lifted up for us before and during the trip, through the countless forms of encouragement you shared with us.  Because of that support, the team was able to see and participate in ministry that is making a real impact on people’s lives:

  • Through the one-room house we built for Maria, who was a risk of having her children taken from her because she couldn’t provide an adequate place for them to live;
  • Through young women like Elizabeth, Fatima, and Chica, who were raised in orphanages until age 18 and now have an opportunity to learn life skills living in a Sus Hijos transition house and job skills working at the Sus Hijos’-owned States Diner restaurant;
  • Through the moments of respite we gave to the tia’s (caregivers) who care for a roomful of handicapped children by feeding the children their dinner one spoonful at a time.
  • Through hundreds of “sack” meals that our team prepared and distributed from the back of a pick-up truck to the homeless on the streets of San Salvador. 

AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET, El Salvador is not the only place around the world where our gifts make a difference in people’s lives.  The gifts our church makes to the other global missions that we support – the Padhar Mission School in India, the Galing Foundation in the Philippines, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi – are making the same kind of impact in lives there as well!

God has blessed us here at Cross of Life, and we have an opportunity to be used by God to share our blessings with others as we join hands, touch lives, and (yes!) change lives.

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