Note- we keep these forms on file once they are turned in. If you have already filled them out for your family, there is no need to do it again. Not sure? Email us at

    During our programs and events, photos and/or videos may be taken of you or your child. If you give us your consent, these images may be used in Cross of Life publications, both in print and online. Please answer all three of the options below by initialing in the space provided. Photos used on the web or other church publications will never list the names of participants under 18. This permission will remain valid unless terminated by the signer.
    Please return this form to the church office when complete.
    Thank you!

    Please circle yes or no to indicate your permission for each type of media.

    Cross of Life Publications
    yesno Cross of Life publications such as the newsletter (emailed to our members via mailing list and printed for a few members who don’t use email), church brochure, the information wall (like a bulletin board), etc.

    Cross of Life Website (public)

    Cross of Life Facebook Group (MEMBERS ONLY can view)

    Cross of Life Facebook Page (PUBLIC can view)