What is the Meals Ministry?
Meals are made and delivered to church members whose life may be in transition for a variety of reasons. This ministry is carried out by a network of volunteers within Cross of Life who serve one another by meeting the practical need of food preparation.
Who is eligible for meals?
Any family or individual experiencing one of the following events or has a similar need: birth of a child, death of a family member, emergencies, hospitalizations, serious injuries or long-term care.
How does the Meals Ministry find out about people who need help?
While we do our best to be aware of needs in the congregation, we also rely on members and friends of the congregation to make us aware of needs.  If you know of a situation where meals may be needed, please contact the church office and make sure we are aware.
How long will a family receive meals?
The typical delivery schedule lasts from one to two weeks, on an every-day or every-other-day basis. However, the length of time may vary depending upon individual circumstances.
How do I provide meals?
It just takes a desire to serve one another in love. Simply contact the church office to sign up with the Meals Ministry.