Columbarium Team
From earliest times, Christians have buried their dead in crypts, churchyards, and chapels within churches. Incorporating the columbarium into the church’s life accents our ministry from birth and baptism to death and eternal life and becomes a center for the celebration of God’s promise of new life. All members in good standing at Cross of Life Lutheran Church and their immediate families are eligible to apply to be interred in the Cross of Life Columbarium Memorial Garden. The Columbarium Memorial Garden is open to visitors at all times when the church is open to the public.

Personnel Team
An offshoot of the Executive Council, this group handles all of the human resource needs of the congregation, including search/interview of open positions, staff reviews, compensation recommendations, and personnel policies.

Nominating Team
The Nominating Team works to recruit annual leadership for the Council and various boards and teams. Elections take place at the Annual Meeting in November of each year.

Pastoral Support Team
The Pastoral Support Team serves as a support and accountability network for the pastors at Cross of Life. Team members are appointed by the Senior Pastor and the Council President.

Montessori Board
The Cross of Life Christian Montessori School is governed by a board made up of members of the congregation.