What is a Lutheran?
First and foremost, a Lutheran is a Christian who has a faith relationship with Jesus Christ, bringing joy, meaning, and peace. Begun by Martin Luther during the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s, Lutherans make up the 4th largest Christian denomination in the United States. While we value Luther’s contributions to the truth of the Gospel, we do not worship Martin Luther or believe everything he wrote or said — all theology is measured against the timeless truth of Scripture.

Specifically, Lutherans emphasize:

GRACE — We cannot earn God’s love; it is a freely given gift.
FAITH — A faith relationship with Jesus Christ assures us of God’s forgiveness.
WORSHIP — When we worship, when we receive Holy Communion and God’s holy Word, we are strengthened for daily faith and life.
WELCOME — All of God’s diverse children are welcome here.
GROWTH — In response to God’s love, we strive to grow in faith and trust.
SERVICE — We are called to use our resources to care for the needs of others.
MINISTRY OF ALL — In baptism, we are all made ministers of Christ, a calling expressed in daily life.

Perhaps most importantly, Lutherans are Christians who admit they do not have all the answers — only God has all knowledge and certainty.  We explore our faith together, open to questions, fresh perspectives and joyous ways to discover and serve together.  You are welcome to join the journey.

For more information about Martin Luther or about Lutherans visit the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.