In addition to completing this form, please provide photos of the back and front of your health insurance card to Donna Snyder (email to, put in envelope in secure dropbox by office door, or hand to her directly).

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    I understand that participants must be in good health when arriving at an event. If a participant is found to have a fever, head lice, or unexplained rash, the parent/guardian will be asked to take her or him home.
    Drivers must stay until participants have been fully checked in.

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    I hereby authorize approved adult leaders of Cross of Life Lutheran Church to consent to any medical treatment, dental treatment, or hospital care to be rendered to the child named aboveunder the general or specific supervision and under the advice of any licensed physician, dentist, or surgeon. It is my understanding that if the nature of the emergency allows for the time or opportunity, attempts will be made to contact me at the phone numbers provided above before any treatment by physician, surgeon, dentist, or surgeon, or hospital. I understand that in the event my child is injured or becomes ill and it is necessary for him/her to receive medical or dental treatment that my health, dental and accident insurance will be used to cover such expenses and that I will be responsible for any such expenses not covered by my insurance.