You may give toward the staff Christmas gifts in one of two ways:

  • Print and complete this form and mail it with your check to the address on the form or place it in the office mail slot to the left of the office door.
  • Through Vanco (through your bank or by credit card)

The form below allows you to donate through Vanco on Cross of Life’s website’s giving page. Complete the table, make a note of your total amount, and click “Submit” when done to send this information to the Church Administrator. Then click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete your transaction through Vanco. You are not being charged twice. Please note that Vanco charges 2.65% plus for credit card transactions, so the amount of your gift will be decreased unless you use your bank account.

    Staff member


    Pastor Terri Stagner Collier, Senior Pastor

    Roel Salinas, Ministry Coordinator

    Amanda Graham, Music Director

    Laura Buckman, Church Administrator

    Stefanie Graper, Montessori School Director

    Adam Miller, Youth Coordinator

    Jordan Bridges, Worship Technician

    Mary Heydon, Nursery Attendant

    Pastor Tom Kenny, Designated Supply Pastor

    Total amount

    Please make a note of your total so you can enter it into the Vanco giving page.

    Your Name*

    Your Email*

    After submitting your form, click here to be taken to the Cross of Life giving page to complete your transaction. Choose the “Staff Christmas Gifts” icon to the right.

    If you have questions, please contact Beth.