Cross of Life Mission Trip to El Salvador
The Sus Hijos (His Children) Mission
San Salvador, El Salvador
June 9-16, 2018

Are you interested in being a GOER?
We’re not yet asking for a firm commitment but need an idea of how many might be willing to go on this mission trip.
You can click here to let Pastor David know of your interest in going.

Are you interested in being a SENDER?
These are people who are willing to support those who go on the trip through prayer
and by helping taking care of needs at home while the person is on the trip.
You can click here to let Pastor David know of your interest in sending.

The Sus Hijos (His Children) Foundation in El Salvador is one of our four global missions and is the one for which it is most practical to travel.  Sus Hijos also hosts mission teams on a regular basis and is well equipped to provide hospitality and security for us.   (For info on the work Sus Hijos does, click here.)

We are asking everyone to be a part of this effort by prayerfully considering whether you can be a GOER or a SENDER.  Those who GO will be a part of the team that travels to El Salvador.  Those who SEND will help support those who make the commitment to go.

Here are answers to a few questions you may have:

If I GO, what will we do in El Salvador?
Sus Hijos has a variety of activities in which our team could potentially participate.  We might build a house or two, play with orphans, feed the homeless, or work with special needs adults and children.  We might provide solar lighting, bunk beds, a table, pillows, sheets and food, for a family or for a village.  We are limited only by our imaginations and our resources.  And there is no limit to the impact such a trip can make on our lives and theirs.

What is this going to cost me?
Our intent is to supplement as much of the cost as possible through fundraising and donations.  Depending on those efforts, your cost could be as little as $0 or as much as an estimated $1,500 (including travel).  We will have more detailed information as we go forward. 

Where will we stay?
We will stay in the Sus Hijos Mission House, which provides dormitory-style lodging, is air-conditioned, as has ample bathrooms. 

What about all my responsibilities here – house, garden, yard, pets?
That’s where our SENDERS step up.  We are asking people to prayerfully consider being a Sender to help take care of things at home as needed.  While we can’t step in and perform your work responsibilities, we can help with family needs and needs around the house.

Is there anyone who has “been there” that I can talk with?
Yes!  Justin Marx traveled to Sus Hijos in July and got a first-hand look at the work they do.  He is happy to respond to email, Facebook, or phone inquiries.  Also, Susan Hofer is very familiar with Sus Hijos as her sister and brother-in-law are missionaries there.  And her niece, nephew and great nephew have served there.

Will we be safe in El Salvador?
Sus Hijos hosts mission teams throughout the year and takes the safety of its guests very seriously.  We will stay at their Mission House, and they will provide all our transportation and will accompany us on all activities.  Sus Hijos is well-known and appreciated in the communities it serves.

What if we don’t have enough people sign up to go?
Is the trip cancelled?  No.  If we don’t enough to form our own team, we will try to join with another mission team traveling to Sus Hijos.

What are the next steps?
Be in prayer!  Is God calling you to go and serve?  Is God calling you to be a Sender and enable others to go?  In whatever way God is calling, we hope you will be a part of this mission effort!

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