Bishop_BvumbweThe Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malawi is one of the faster growing church bodies in Africa. Led by Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, whose daughters and families are members of Cross of Life, this church body began with 15 members and now has over 100,000 members.

The ELCM is establishing and strengthening congregations in rural and urban areas throughout Malawi. Training clergy, lay evangelists and congregational leaders is a major focus. The ELCM ministers to communities through evangelism to men, women and youth, through health care programs, through hunger programs, through HIV & AIDS projects, and through development work. ELCM also operates several primary schools and one girl’s boarding school. The development arm of the ELCM, Evangelical Lutheran Development Service (ELDS), is engaged in integrated rural development and educational projects.

Since the average pastor works in 9 to 10 churches and bicycles between them, Cross of Life offers both budgetary support and funds from special events and gifts to provide bicycles, sewing machines, and quilts. We also support the ELCA Malaria Campaign which is at work in Malawi and other African countries providing mosquito bed nets, medical treatment and education to eradicate this preventable disease.