Each year, Cross of Life members are invited to donate backpacks and school supplies to this important program that serves families in our own neighborhoods.  Both Hembree Springs Elementary and Elkins Point Middle School (the schools near the church) have about 40% of their students on the free or reduced lunch program.  The need is very real in our community!

Dates that items will be collected at COL:

June 1-23, 2017

What to bring:

  • Scissors for K-5th grade

  • Spiral Notebooks

  • Protractor/Compass

  • Scientific Calculators

  • Wide ruled notebook paper

  • 12-inch ruler

  • Index Cards (3×5 and 5×7)

  • Notebook dividers

  • Composition notebooks

  • Jump Drive/Memory Stick

  • New Sturdy Backpacks (no wheels)

  • Waterproof Markers

  • Highlighters

  • #2 pencils or mechanical pencils

  • Post-it Notes

  • Graph paper

  • You can also click here to see a more detailed list