Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is worship like at Cross of Life?
A: Lutheran worship follows a “liturgy”, which means “the work of the people.” Following a consistent order of worship allows the whole congregation to fully participate in worship together — whether that worship service is accompanied by traditional or contemporary music.  We sing, we pray, we hear the Scriptures read, we hear the sermon, share in the Lord’s Supper, and experience God’s strength through the gift of Christian community.  The worship service is either printed in the bulletin (traditional) or on the screen (contemporary), so you don’t have to struggle to find the right page!

We have three distinct worship services each Sunday morning:
8:00 — a more simplified traditional worship service accompanied by our pipe organ,
9:00 — a contemporary worship service led by our band,
11:15 — a full traditional worship service accompanied by our pipe organ, with anthems by our Chancel Choir.

Q: Can visitors receive Holy Communion?
A: All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion at Cross of Life, regardless of your church background.  Those who have not yet been baptized and children who have not received instruction in the meaning of Holy Communion are welcome to receive a blessing.

Q:  I’m not a very formal person.  Do I have to dress up to come to church?
A:  That’s a matter of personal preference.  Some people dress up, others come in jeans — we are far more interested in connecting with you than what people wear!

Q: Does Cross of Life have a nursery?
A: Yes. We have a professionally staffed nursery for children up to age 4 from 8:45 am 12:30 pm each Sunday. We also have a “Cry Room” on the left as you enter the church with video linking to the service. Even with these options, we greatly value having children as part our worshiping community. So unless they are screaming, please feel free to keep them with you in worship!

Q: What programs are there for children and youth?
A: There are too many to list here – but please check out the “learn” tab of this web site to find out everything that is offered. At a quick glance, we offer Sunday School for children ages 3 – 12th grade (adults too!), Confirmation instruction for 7th and 8th graders, and there are numerous opportunities for faith formation, fellowship and service in Middle and High School youth groups.

Q: Cross of Life is an ELCA congregation? Do all of your members agree about every social issue?
A: As a member congregation of the ELCA, we are blessed to accomplish many amazing ministries – things that we could not do without this partnership. The ELCA is made up 4.8 million members who hold diverse opinions on many issues. We have the same wide variety of opinions on social issues at Cross of Life as well. That which unites us is our belief in salvation through Jesus Christ, our experience of God through weekly worship and our call to serve God in our daily life.

Q: I keep seeing the word “Connections” on this web-site.  What does that mean?
Connections are an important part of one’s faith journey:  connections with God, connections with others, connections through service and with the deeper truths in life.  At 10:00 each Sunday morning, all are invited to invest in these deeper connections through Sunday School classes for all ages, through fellowship in our Welcome Center, through service in our Chancel Choir (which rehearses at 10:00), through quarterly “Town Hall Meetings” and many other opportunities.  No Christian is an island.  Come connect more deeply!

Have a question that is not addressed here? Feel free to email Pastor Terri.