Children’s Choir

Our Children’s choir sings in worship twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  Rehearsals are held for three weeks, from 10:45-11:15 on Sunday mornings (as an extension of Sunday School).  The children sing once at the 11:15 service, and the following week at the 9:00 service.  Song choices for Children’s Choir come from church tradition, passing along some of our favorite songs of faith to the next generation.  Watch for information in the Children’s Ministry announcements and emails about upcoming Children’s choir events.

Christmas Program

Our Sunday School classes convert to rehearsals for the Christmas program in mid-November.  The program performance is usually the second Sunday of December in the afternoon.  We schedule the performance before school ends for winter break, so that all our families can participate regardless of travel plans.  The program is fairly traditional: the children retell the Nativity story, with classic Christmas carols interspersed.  We love seeing the kids get excited about their roles, etch this foundational story of our faith on their minds and hearts, and build relationships with Christian friends through the process.



2015 Program Dress Rehearsal